Why Every Nation Seminary?


For twenty-five years, our mission to plant churches and campus ministries in every nation has hinged on our ability to equip and empower leaders to go to every nation and every campus. In the Every Nation leadership development ecosystem, we have relied on our local churches to make disciples and train leaders, and we have relied on our regional schools of ministry and ABC3 programs to launch those emerging leaders into vocational ministry. However, our success in rapidly sending workers into the harvest field has created the need for further leadership development for our growing number of pastors and missionaries in the field. Some leaders have pursued further development through self-guided study while others have enrolled in local or online seminary programs. While the heart of leadership development in Every Nation will always be the local church and the regional training centers, we recognize that there is a hunger from our leaders for further opportunities for leadership development and theological training within our Every Nation ecosystem.

This is why we are launching Every Nation Seminary. At ENS, we will offer accredited master’s programs that will catalyze leadership development for our pastors and campus missionaries, helping the emerging leaders of today become the apostolic leaders of tomorrow. Because of our unique mission and DNA, every program and every course at ENS will integrate the values of relational discipleship, biblical preaching, apostolic leadership, and global mission.

Our goal is not to produce a more educated clergy. It is not to print diplomas. It is to produce leaders—Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, and socially responsible leaders in every nation.

Our global team has been working hard to make this vision a reality. We are excited to see what God does in and through ENS in the coming years, and we are excited to see you in 2021.


William Murrell, PhD

Launch Director, Every Nation Seminary

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